Dr. Antonio M Wilson

Dr. Antonio M Wilson

Thursday, May 12, 2016

About Dr. Antonio M Wilson

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson serves as a research writer for the University of Oxford in England. In his scholarly capacity, he seeks out and interprets texts related to key biblical questions, then writes in-depth explanations of such texts for use by graduate students studying theology. Dr. Antonio M. Wilson is also the author of the Behind the Faith book series, which focuses on questions surrounding the apocalypse and the interactions of Angels with humankind.

In 2008, while completing his doctoral studies at Oxford, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to complete a research project aimed at understanding the history of Solomon’s Temple. The work focused on the Ophen City Wall, a building complex approximately 1,000 years older than sites like the Wailing Wall.

In his private life, Dr. Wilson enjoys learning about and maintaining saltwater fish tanks and playing popular video games, such as those in the Tomb Raider series. A world traveler, he has visited locations on five continents.